Sunday, 9 November 2014

AfroDutch Fashion Designer: Marga Weimans

Born on 24 June 1970 in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, Marga Weimans is an AfroDutch fashion designer and the elder sister of journalist and presenter, Simone Weimans. At the moment, Weimans is one of the most prominent Black fashion Designers in the Netherlands and has had a long relationship working with the Groninger Museum.

 Marga Weimans studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium and graduated in 2005. Her graduation collection “The Power of My Dreams” won an I-D award in that was organized by worldwide fashion magazine I-D. With this same collection, she work was also nominated for the Design Prize Rotterdam. Since her successful graduation, Weimans' pieces has been regularly purchased by Groninger Museum and exhibited there.

 The Afrodutch fashion designer had a very good start with her fashion career as graduation collection themed “The Power of My Dreams” was the winner of an I-D award fashion contest that was organised by worldwide fashion magazine I-D. By virtue of winning the Award, Marga’s brand got the push it needed to propel it to become one of the prominent fashion houses in the Netherlands.

 In 2010, Marga Weimans’ collection was nominated for the Blend Creative Talent Award in which she did not win but came out as the second runner up (3rd position). Prior to that nomination, she was also nominated for the Design Prize Rotterdam award in 2007.

Apart from the regular shows she has enjoyed over the years as part of her collaboration with the Groninger Museum, Marga's work has received some tremendous amount of success as her work has been showcased on the Amsterdam Fashion Week, two haute couture weeks in Paris and in several exhibitions in Dutch Museums.

 Marga’s is an Afrodutch fashion designer that likes to push the boundaries with her pieces and like to blend fashion and architecture. As such she has an all-encompassing design style that creates pieces that ranges from haute couture to pret a porter, architectural showpieces as well as minimalistic outfits.

In addition, her fashion house has participated in several fashion shows and exhibitions, as well as projects. Her work has been featured in several Dutch media as well as those from Belgium and other foreign media.

 As an AfroDutch fashion designer, Marga has become very interested in discovering the role of black women in our modern international, multifaceted values. As a result, she came out with the collection "Source of Power Collection", to give an appearance of the unconventionality, political incorrectness and the self-esteem that come to play in analysing the modern-day black woman.

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