Monday, 17 November 2014

AfroDutch Fashion Designer: Mary Tataw Eyere

Mary Tataw Eyere and Ice Prince Zamani in Belgium
Mary Tataw Eyere is an Afrodutch fashion designer from Cameroon and lives in the port city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The young and black African designer living in the Netherlands founded her fashion label MAF Couture in 2009 and has recently re-branded it as M.E. Designs. Since then, she has received some reasonable media attention as her work has been published in both Dutch and African print and online media.

The young African fashion designer has participated in fashion shows and projects in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany and several other places. In 2013 when she debuted her male fashion collection, it was worn by Nigerian music star, Ice Prince Zamani in Belgium at an African event the singer was present.

In a video interview with AfroCosmopolitan magazine, Mary said her fashion inspiration came from her childhood and at a time when he grandmother bought her a piece of skirt and she decided to sew it with a needle and thread. During the same interview, Mary talked about her love for food and said, "I love food".

Her pieces are made of a combination of African prints and European/western fabrics.  They are also very colourful and sometimes eccentric.

Mary Tataw is the founder and creative director of her brand, M.E. Designs.  She controls the designs. Which means she the one that actually design them. She is the one responsible for getting her design drawn as well and making sure they are printed. She is also responsible for sorting out and shopping for the right materials that are suitable for designing the pieces she has put together.  She's also responsible for advertising, marketing and showcasing the whole of her designs after getting them created and ready for the catwalk.

Below is a video of M.A.F.Couture, now M.E. Designs at a fashion show in 2013. It was an Opera charity event in the Netherlands.

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